Serving God, Students and Families in Romania
Serving God, Students and Families in Romania

Where We Will Serve

Bucharest Christian Academy (BCA) in Bucharest, Romania. ( BCA is a K-12 school that was established in 1996 to service children of missionary families. The school itself serves as a hub for many different missions going on throughout the city and is open to other expatriate families and local Romanians as well. By providing families a school with an Americanized Christian education, it relieves missionary parents from the burden of homeschooling; allowing them to focus on fulfilling God’s call in their lives.

Our Roles: Lewis will be teaching as an elementary teacher and helping with Run Club after school. Jessica will be serving in the school office assisting the full time Romanian office manager. We will also be joining a team that serves in a variety or roles across the city as well. Our team is invested in local prayer walks, outreach to the Roma or Gypsy people, church planting, mission mobilization, assisting the center for human trafficking, as well as having involvement with orphan outreach. For the first year we will focus primarily on our jobs at the school but as time allows we hope to aid our team and others in their mission work as well.

Our Vision, His Plan:

What need is there for missionaries in Romania?


Even without delving into issues of physical and financial need such as poverty & homelessness, human trafficking, or underlying social issues, there is still plenty of need for the people of Romania, especially when it comes to their eternal salvation and having a relationship with Christ. The truth is that Romanian society is culturally grounded in Biblical principle; 90% of Romanians consider themselves religious. However, many professing to be believers have a very limited understanding of the Bible or the teachings of Jesus. In a poll as recent as 2012, only 33% of individuals claimed to have attended church once or more in one months time. In 2011, 49% of people living in Bucharest indicated that they only go to church for social, or special occasions such as holidays, or weddings. Only 42% of those who consider themselves religious actually believe that Jesus was both fully God and fully man and that it was through his sacrifice and resurrection that we have been afforded forgiveness and eternal salvation.

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Through our work in the school and with our City Team, we hope to have an impact on lives that reaches far beyond the walls of the classroom, that reaches into the very lives of those Jesus has sent us to help save.


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